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Accessorizing Your Home – It’s All In The Details – Part 2

In our first post on Accessorizing Your Home Part 1, we offered Fringe Home Design tips on different styles and locations of accessories in your home. Now let’s look at their placement.

Accessories, whether they include art, table top collectibles or candles, should be grouped together to achieve maximum impact. Groupings carry far greater impact than small items sprinkled throughout a room.

  • Those items with more detail look better when grouped together.

  • Vary heights of the items for maximum impact.

  • Group together different items in similar colors. Similarity in color brings uniformity to unrelated things.

  • Arrange Items so that can be changed occasionally, rotated to different parts of the house over time, or be updated with seasonal/holiday items.

  • Make accents eloquent. They should convey a sense of what and whom you love; where you’ve been and where you are going. Tell a story with your accessories and your home will always serve as a welcome refuge to guests and family. Place a terrific family picture in the midst of other memorable items to say this is my home, and I love it.

And finally, recognize when enough is enough. Learn to sit back and enjoy your creation!

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