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Your New Custom Interior Design Room, It’s Worth the Wait

You’ve met with your Fringe interior designer, selected all the design elements for your new room and placed the order. What happens next?

Typically design projects take 8 to 10 weeks from order to installation. Why so long you ask?

Many elements of our design proposals are custom-ordered pieces that aren’t stocked and waiting in a warehouse for delivery. It could be that beautiful custom fabric we’re placing on a sofa, or a certain wood finish on the dining table. Often different elements are being shipped from different sources to the factory to be custom produced. Typically furniture companies run production lines for stock items and then schedule out certain weeks to produce custom orders like yours. We factor in this queuing process in our timeline.

Many items like lighting and rugs are usually stocked in factories and able to ship promptly. But even that has changed in the last couple years. We’re finding that since the last recession that décor companies are running much leaner than ever and producing inventory for “just in time” delivery. What should be a simple order sometimes requires more time to be filled by the factory.

Custom window treatments follow a similar extended design schedule. First, we arrange for a professional measure by the workman who will also be installing the actual treatment. Then all the different fabrics, hardware, lining and trim elements are ordered usually from different vendors and shipped to our drapery workroom. Once they have all arrived the treatment is queued for production by the talented seamstresses who sew all our custom treatments. Once we know the draperies are completed we’ll contact you to schedule installation by our work crew. Even the blinds we rep for Hunter Douglass are custom manufactured to the exact measurements of each of your windows.

Because of all these timing factors, we often sequence the ordering of pieces so that they arrive in our warehouse within the same week so that they can be delivered and installed at the same time, resulting in a total transformation of your room.

So design projects sometimes take longer than we desire, but walking into that newly transformed room that uniquely expresses your personal style – that’s worth the wait!

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