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10 Reasons Why You Should Work With a Professional Interior Designer

There are many advantages to working with an interior designer, Leeann Heininger, owner of Fringe Home Design interior design studio in Oak Park-River Forest, says these 10 easily come to mind:

  1. The designer meets with you in your home, not just in a store. A designer needs to see your home, experience and understand your lifestyle, and take accurate measurements. That can’t be done by a website where you’re ordering furniture pieces or a furniture store salesperson.

  2. You’re asked for a budget, so you can work together creating a design treatment within that budget and best invest your valuable resources.

  3. She or he will develop a complete plan for your room including space plans, furniture, window treatments, rugs, artwork and accessories. If your budget doesn’t allow for everything to be purchase at one time, you’ll have a plan on the remaining items to add when funds are available.

  4. The designer will incorporate your precious personal items already in your home. If they are important to you, they are important to us!

  5. She or he will listen. Good design is more than the ability to pull together plans, colors and patterns. It is about understanding what the client truly wants even if they can’t articulate it and then turn those ideas and dreams into reality. If your designer talks more than you do, you’ve got the wrong designer.

  6. Professional designers help prevent costly mistakes by ensuring the scale and placement of pieces is correct and that materials are chosen for their function as much as beauty. They work directly with the manufacturers and can quickly solve issues that emerge.

  7. You have access to the many resources you need under one roof. Designers use their time and your time wisely, not by dragging you all over town visiting furniture and home stores.

  8. The designer’s experience should not be an expensive addition to your project. The best ones won’t spend any more than you would spend going it alone.

  9. Your designer needs to take care of the details. From planning and purchasing, through painting and installation and proper placement of all pieces, your designer needs to handle the details.

  10. The best designers make the design process as enjoyable. It should always be about you and not about them.

If this sounds like what you need, give us a call today at 708.848.4046.

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