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How To Prepare for Your Interior Design Meeting

Fringe is happy to provide all interested new design clients with a complimentary in-home consultation to discuss your needs and offer initial design considerations. Before contacting us we encourage you to think through the following questions to make that consultation as productive as possible. It is always helpful for couples to compare their desires and try to come to a consensus on the design direction before meeting with the designer.

For whom is the space being designed?

What activities will take place there?

What time of days will you most frequently use the space?

What is your time frame for completion? Any special family events coming up we should know about?

What is your budget? We often group the quality of furnishings into categories of good, better and best, reflecting both the quality of their production and the cost.

How do you want to spend your available budget; on items that are of good, better of the best in quality?

What image or style do you want to project?

I always ask clients to look through several “home” magazines and tear out photos of room designs they like. Or better yet, find them on line and email or post them for our reference.. Real-life situations are perhaps the easiest way for us to get our arms around the style you desire. Keep in mind the more information you provide upfront, the more successful your designer will be in meeting your needs and expectations.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. We’re here to lead you through the design process. In fact, our intent is to make the process enjoyable too!

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